The Team

The vision of the Green Fellowship was to attract top talent educators to cities looking for teachers highly motivated to make a big impact on their community.


The Fellowship currently operates in four regions: Kansas City, Baton Rouge, Providence, and Indianapolis. These cities are chosen for a reason, as mid-size markets, Fellows have the opportunity to make a BIG impact in these close-knit communities. 


Kansas City

est. 2018

Our founding region, Kansas City was where the Green Fellowship was born.  Green Fellows work as leaders in over 15 schools and positions that range from early childhood to school administration. Kansas City is a small city with big city amenities that continues to defy expectations. 

Baton Rouge

est. 2021

Baton Rouge is home to one of Teach For America's longest running region. For over 20 years, Teach For America corps members and alumni have build a welcoming and diverse network of leaders working for educational equity in the heart of Louisiana. Baton Rouge is rich with culture and authentic southern hospitality. 



est. 2021

Providence is a thriving and diverse community within New England.  There are nationally recognized restaurants and institutions all a short drive from America's largest cities. Enjoy the ocean 


est. 2022

Our newest region