About The Green Fellowship

Who We Look For

The Green Fellowship deploys an “iron sharpens iron” approach leveraging both the diverse and seasoned perspectives of its’ educators as well as top leaders. Teach For America alumni who have demonstrated success inside and/or outside of the classroom are invited to apply to the Green Fellowship. Upon successful completion of a rigorous application and interview process, a small cohort will be invited to join the Green Fellowship in Kansas City, Providence, Baton Rouge or Indianapolis. We are committed to building a cohort representative of both the communities we serve as well as the rich diversity within the TFA alumni network. Across 53 regions, we know excellence can arise in a variety of flavors and thus are committed to evaluating each candidate on their strengths and impact over the course of their corps commitment and pursuits thereafter.



of Green Fellows agree Fellowship consistently fostered welcoming and inclusive spaces.


of Green Fellows received a promotion, award, or career advancement 

The Process

Once a candidate is accepted to the Green Fellowship, Teach For America will organize meetings and interviews with school partners. The Green Fellow will then work directly with school partners through their interview processes and to accept offers. Currently, Green Fellows are working across early childhood centers, traditional district and charter schools.

The Program

While leading at their respective schools, Green Fellows participate in monthly leadership development to grow in their leadership. Learning together and from stellar leaders in education and their communities, Green Fellows build on their personal and professional leadership development. Through this development, Fellows will extrapolate best practices of leadership and further sculpt their personal theory of change through engagement with a diverse population of next generation leaders in an intimate, informal setting. In addition to receiving excellent development from Teach For America, each Fellow is awarded a $10,000 award (note: this is taxable).

The Benefits

The cohort structure allows you to learn from a group of engaged and talented peers who are equally committed to developing the group in addition to individual leadership. Green Fellow programming includes the opportunity to learn from leaders in education, politics, social justice, business and other industries, as well as to network with the movers and shakers in your region. Finally, Green Fellows receive a $10,000 financial award annually along with support to relocate to their region. 


Application Deadlines











Spring 2022

Interview Process with TFA School Partners


Prior to School Training Start 2022

Green Fellows move to the region 

Late Summer 2022

Green Fellow Orientation

Fall 2022 – Summer 2023

Year 1 Cohort Programming (Cohort Discussions, Green Room Conversations, Learning From Leaders)

Fall 2023- Summer 2024

Year 2 Cohort Programming (Cohort Discussions, Green Room Conversations, Learning From Leaders)

Summer 2024

Green Fellow Graduation (completion of program)