What is the Green Fellowship?

Teachers can feel incredibly siloed in their work. It can be hard to find opportunities to learn from one another, collaborate and leverage experience. While schools can offer teaching and instruction focused development, professional leadership can be hard to access during the hours of the school day. The work of being a teacher is incredibly difficult and pay scales do not reflect or fairly compensate teachers for the amount of work they perform. 

The Green Fellowship works to solve these problems by supporting high-performing Teach For America alumni dedicated to sharpening their skills as teachers. Through in-depth cohort discussions around education, entrepreneurship, and systems change, Fellows receive targeted programming and guidance from the inner circle of their region, education and business leadership in holistically developing fellows’ leadership philosophy and actions. The Green Fellowship is a two-year opportunity, open to Teach For America alumni that have at least 3 years of teaching experience. 


The Green Fellowship started in Kansas City and is now expanding to Providence, Baton Rouge and Indianapolis. Green Fellows are placed in high need schools in their new community and are given an annual financial award in addition to their school salary to continue fostering their leadership development.


Green Fellows have been named Teacher of the Year, engaged in political and community leadership and are viewed as stellar leaders at their schools. Through a rigorous application and recruitment process, we are looking for Teach For America alumni who have a demonstrated record of success and are interested in expanding their leadership impact in a new community. 

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"The Green Fellowship was an amazing opportunity that opened my eyes to many leaders in KC and brought me great friendships and professional relationships."